Toll & Japan Post

Having a long partnership with various different subsidiaries of Toll, Steadfast Australia is very conscious of the take over bid offered by Japan Post.

You may have seen this popping up in your news feeds. Toll, being an Australian Company, looking to be bought by an overseas investor (Japan Post), draws many parallels with the unsuccessful 2005 take over bid by Lion Nathan for the Coopers Brewery (incidentally Lion is owned by Japanese drinks giant Kirin).  The difference in this case is that the board of directors are recommending shareholders accept the offer.

This being the case, a valid question does appear; is the sale of another Australian company to a foreign investor truly worth any logistical advantage Toll is set to gain from such a deal? Or is this purely a means through which another foreign investor can increase their footprint in Australasia, with little benefit for Australia and the Australian company that was purchased?

Whatever the outcome, Steadfast Australia remains committed to its clients and we will continue to strive for a better tomorrow through best business practices for all our clients. We hope this takeover of Toll by (state owned) Japan Post will represent a win for Australian consumers, and we look forward to a continued and strong partnership with Toll & Japan Post

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