POS Management

Our extensive background in Point Of Sale Management has given us expert knowledge in this field. Over the years, we have provided numerous POS solutions to various small and large, local, national and international companies; please feel free to ask us for references.

We take charge of every step of the process, meaning we take the worry out of managing your products. We understand the inherent problems that can arise in these types of projects. As such, we make preemptive decisions to ensure cost effectiveness through elimination of risk and unnecessary waste. Long term partnerships with a local providers, mean we are able to source custom sized cartons/materials in virtually any size and at incredible prices.

Bulk Promotional Despatches

Using our proven cost saving measures to pack and send your products will reduce the impact on your time, and effectively, on your bottom line.

All you need to do is provide us with the details of the project. We will then:

Poscat – Point Of Sale Catalogue System

The Poscat online web order system will take the hard work out of inventory management. Designed to help manage a full national sales force or just single operator small business.

The POSCAT Internet system features include:

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