Interest Rates Cuts

With the RBA announcing another interest rates cut [1], we are reminded of the impact business has on the economy. Steadfast Australia is committed to making a positive difference through calculated growth, capital investment and staff training. In an increasingly competitive market, we are proud of the milestones we have achieved.

It is our belief that ‘market sentiment’ is what we choose it to be. Yes, times have been tougher these past five years compared to the previous, but we have always been (and continue to remain) positive about the future. We cannot achieve great things if we lose sight of our ambitions and our pursuit for a vibrant and prosperous economy.

We invite all our readers to join us in this mindset to change the market sentiment from an indexation level of 3 up to above 10! (Our record highest being 21.1 in 2002) [2]

We wish you only the best for 2015!





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