Emergency Zones – Please slow down

Our emergency services employees and volunteers put themselves in harm’s way everyday to help us stay safe or help us when we are in trouble.

With this in mind, please remember that Emergency Zones are now 25km/h areas – previously 40km/h. Unfortunately, an article in the Advertiser (click HERE for article – new window) has revealed that over the past 7 months, 270 drivers have been caught travelling over the 25km/h limit in the emergency zones; 215 of them were travelling faster than 35km/h, and unbelievably, 33 of them were travelling faster than 55km/h – well above the safe limit.

As a warehousing and distribution company, with our own trucks on the road (as well as the many third parties we use) we have a great appreciation of our emergency services and we feel we have a high level of responsibility for their’s (and everyone’s) safety on the road. We would like to remind all who read our news feed that we owe it to our emergency services employees and volunteers to slow down to 25km/h in emergency zones and ask you to remember that in most cases they also have family waiting for them to come home the same as us.

“Safe driving” – from the Steadfast family.

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