Arrester Beds – Princess Hwy

It has been a tragic and inexcusable series of events plaguing the Princess Highway recently.

Though some of blame can be laid on decreasing profit margins and the financial strain on the current market, we cannot forget that no job is worth the health of any person and in the end the responsibility falls on us – the operators.

It is with sincere concern that we remind our fellow industry partners, and our own fleet managers, to ensure all vehicles a well maintained and promote the use of the arrester beds amongst drivers if any difficulty braking is experienced.

As an industry leader, Steadfast Australia remains committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, our community, and our families – all of whom share the roads.

For more information regarding the arrester beds and other FAQ’s, please click  on the link below to view more information (new window/tab will open) on the SA Government Infrastructure website.

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