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To fill our warehouses with completely satisfied customers who are serviced safely, profitably and efficiently by cheerful, well equipped and knowledgeable staff. Earning us a reputation as the most trusted and preferred warehousing and distribution (3PL) company in Australia.


In addition to our buildings, systems and processes, Steadfast staff are fully licensed and inducted. They are encouraged to complete nationally accredited, Certificates III’s, IV’s and/or diplomas in Warehousing, Storage and Logistics. Our commitment to our staff is reflected in the quality of service every one of our clients receive. Allow us the opportunity to provide you with our tested warehousing solutions and you’ll see why our clients are all long-term!


Steadfast Australia is proudly an environmentally conscious company. As approximately 70% of our waste is either cardboard or plastic, we know that we have a corporate responsibility to ensure our planet’s resources are recycled wherever possible.

With the above in mind, below are some of the standard practices we have in place to minimise our impact on the environment:


Trevor Harry (Managing Director) studied with the Douglas Mawson Institute (Supply, Purchasing & Operations Management). This developed his taste for supply chain analysis, systems and processes, inventory control, data management, and how these could be applied to improve general warehousing.

In applying his passion, Trevor discovered the warehousing and distribution industry lacked the flexibility and transparency that he believed could be achieved through not just thoughtful application of systems and process, but through partnership with clients. This mentality of partnership is rare in this industry and is something that sets Steadfast Australia apart from other warehousing and distribution companies. As such, it is no wonder Steadfast Australia has experienced strong and steadfast growth since it was first founded in 1995.

Originally starting with approximately 1,300 square metres, one forklift and one Mazda ute. Steadfast Australia now operates on over 14,000 square metres, utilising 2 picking forklifts; seven tall mast forklifts and 2 heavy load forklifts for container work and bulk/heavy lifting. Steadfast also services the greater Adelaide metro area with its own fleet of vehicles.

This growth is testament of our passion to provide our clients with the best service possible and is a passion we continue this day.

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